Zentralklinikum Georgsheil

As a green part of the landscape, the new building of the Central Clinic Georgsheil with its free overall structure fits into the surroundings. Due to the low urban development references on the property, “peat cutting” was used as a design principle as a typical local motif.

The landscape is perforated with generous round “tapping points” so that a building base is created that is integrated into the landscape. On this raised landscape lie individual structures that open up and can be perceived from a distance as structures floating above the landscape.

With its shape, the building formulates appropriate and inviting courtyard structures on all sides of the building - at the same time, the pulled down green roof areas connect with the surrounding landscape. The design of the new building is thus given an unmistakable character and contributes to the identification of all users from the surrounding towns.

Project Data  
Overall Cost
Net Area
Gross Area
Work Stages HOAI
375 Mio.
40.500 m²
85.000 m²